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Welcome to That Wild Feeling!

I'm Rachel and this is my little buddy Chip.

We live in Hastings, England near the coast with my husband Chris and love being outside exploring and enjoying nature all together.

That Wild Feeling has come from that sense of calmness, peace and wilderness that nature brings.

That Wild Feeling owner Rachel Mammone

I hand make beautiful crystal bead bracelets as well as hand painting celestial and coastal art pieces, homeware and decorations. I love to paint dreamy skies and beautiful seas with watercolour and acrylic paints and am inspired by the sky, the sea and all of nature in between.


To compliment my own pieces I have sourced beautiful items including pieces including some from other small businesses too which I stock in the shop.​ 

Every item has been inspired by nature in some way, with That Wild Feeling being at the heart of each piece.

I mainly hang out on the That Wild Feeling Instagram so come and see my work there!

Have a browse and let me know if you have any questions,

Rachel x


PS I also run The Pop Up Emporium which are markets for makers and creatives! Come and check that out too!

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