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Hello! And welcome to my brand new website! This has been months in the making and I'm so excited to finally have a space (no pun intended!) of my own here to share my work with you all.

So shall we get to know each other a little bit?

I'm Rachel and I paint (hence the name!)

My surname is pronounced Mah-moan and means 'Mummy's Boy' in Italian.

I live in Hastings with my husband Chris (who is a photographer if you fancy checking out his work too) and we both love being near the sea or up in the country park near our house. Basically, anywhere in nature and we are both very happy!

✨I started painting mainly at University when I studied Fine Art Painting, and since have been finding my way and my own style.

✨The pigments I currently use, I bought in a market in Peru when we visited in 2019 and they have really shaped what I paint and the way I paint.

✨Nature is my absolute inspiration. And although I mainly paint the sky, the colours and textures are inspired by all of nature - from the sea to the sky to the plants.

✨Yoga and meditation are my go to for relaxation - they keep me calm and my soul soothed!

✨My favourite colour is blue (can you tell?), although any bright colours make me happy, my favourite food is tortilla chips and guacamole and my favourite place is Kefalonia.

AND also there are 3 new collections launching in my shop - Nova, Dreaming in Colour and Great Summits!

I'd love to know what you think and hope you enjoy the new paintings!

Love and Light,



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