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Something new is coming soon...✨🌿🌙🌊✨

You may have seen on social media recently that Rachel Mammone Paints is changing names to...


I'm so inspired by all of nature, from the sky to the sea and everything in between that I felt like I needed a change with my name and so here it is - That Wild Feeling.

The name has come from that sense of calmness that being in nature brings, and as everything I make, paint and source is all about nature being the core inspiration I felt it was time for a change. My logo is staying the same for the time being but with my new name. I just love this painting so much!

My shop has been closed but will be reopen from Friday 28th January when I'll officially re launch with a whole selection of new items! 🙌✨🌙

I'll still be painting and creating my crystal bead bracelets plus so much more AND sourcing some absolutely beautiful pieces including from other small businesses which I can't wait to share with you all! ✨ I'm really excited for this next phase of my business! ✨

So save the date... FRIDAY 28TH JANUARY for the relaunch of That Wild Feeling, I hope you can join me and get #thatwildfeeling too!✨🌿🌙🌊✨

Love and light,

Rachel ✨

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